I am not a writer, but for the past month I have tried to write my next blog and have had a severe case of writers block. Turns out writing for me only comes naturally when its something I really care about. Interestingly when I put out the question as to what people wanted to see, someone commented “anything that you are passionate about is always a good read”. 


This blog is about something that has been one of the many struggles I have faced, and something that has come up with every client I have worked with as well as with friends and family I talk too. 


Being enough. 


For too long, I never felt like I was enough. Being enough meant being good at things, good at school, sports, work, a good friend, partner, and mother. I placed my value and worth on external things that I could achieve, things that people would notice and acknowledge. It was still never enough. I put myself in situations where I forced myself to achieve what I thought would make me enough- university, promotions at work, high levels of fitness. It felt good to tick things off, to receive praise and accolades for doing a good job, for being good enough. But the feeling of success wore off quickly and then it was onto the next challenge, what else could I do to prove that I was good enough. 


Over the years, my need to succeed and be the best has been challenged and questioned in a way that it had never been before. Without everything around me, did I value myself? Did I love myself? Did I think I was enough? The answer at the time was a straight up no. As with everything, it took time and work to reach the point where I am today. 


I am enough. As I am, nothing more nothing less. 


It doesn’t matter how hard you work to achieve all the things in life you think you need to be good enough. The degrees, the house, the jobs, the trophies, the perfect partner, the Instagram feed, how you look. These things do not define us. They do not make us good enough; they are just what they are. 


You are enough. 

Start believing it. 

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